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Thursday 10.20am.

Whether you are just starting out, or if you are already a "hard-core" yogi, I'm going to show you why you may NOT be getting the most from your hot yoga poses.

More importantly, I'm going to show you why you are possibly even risking injury - and exactly what you can do about it!

Is Hot Yoga Too Formulaic?

Perhaps, like me, you first chose hot yoga because you wanted to get trimmed and toned or to get fit.

Or maybe you wanted to find a deeper focus, a stronger emotional balance and a fulfilling and lasting happiness.

And maybe like me, you discovered you could gain a whole lot more once you started practicing regularly!

There is no doubt hot yoga has had a profound affect on my life ... as I am sure it does for you! But did you know that many hot yoga classes are taught to a "script"?

While this is great for helping popularize yoga classes, and many classes seem great, it makes it much more difficult to dramatically improve your practice and take your benefits to the next level.

How Can You Dramatically
(And Safely)
Improve Your Hot Yoga Practice?

Why is it hard to improve - even when classes feel great?

Because the finessing, the nuances, the subtleties, the knowledge of yoga anatomy and the capability to teach to a very high standard do NOT come from using a script to teach yoga.

And it is HARD to find precise information and detailed advice – there is precious little available.

I've seen students making classic mistakes time and time again (and some teachers who are unable to offer a correction*) because they have never been taught how to correct them.

Even worse, you could happily be following your teacher's script, thinking your movements and pose positions are correct, when in fact, there are times when you could be at risk of injury!

*I really DO want to acknowledge that there are amazing hot yoga teachers that ARE doing a wonderful job – making the "script" their own, changing people's lives - and helping raise the bar.

You Could Be Unknowingly
Putting Yourself At Risk Of Injury

It really worries me when people say: "Go back until it hurts", "It's supposed to hurt like hell", "Kill yourself".

It  should worry you too! ... But only if you are interested in dramatically improving the benefits you get from your own practice.

Any yoga (not just hot yoga) needs much more than a rote-learned, motivational "script" to be safe and effective.

Because if you are serious about getting the most out of your practice, you'll want to learn exactly how to apply accurate techniques to make changes ... but where IS that information?

Where Is The Expert Information?

Back in 1999 when I first started practicing, I was HOOKED!

I went to class 7 or 8 times a week – and quickly developed a "good" practice. The teachers were great, classes were friendly – and I was often used as an example to other students or even to demonstrate a pose.

But I found it really hard to improve from there – I was missing the "expert tips". There were no corrections for my mistakes that I knew I MUST be making, or help to progress beyond where I was in my practice.

I was desperate to learn more.

So I went to teacher training in Los Angeles. It was amazing to be exposed to 264 other trainees who were as passionate about hot yoga as I was!

As a dentist, I was looking to gain a deeper understanding of hot yoga anatomy; physiology and teaching all body types to benefit from the yoga ... but it fell short of my expectation.

In fact, people who were at my training will probably still remember (fondly I might add!) the public "difference of opinion" I had with one doctor who had presented a medical fact that I knew to be simply wrong. I just couldn't let everyone else walk away with that misconception and potentially pass it on to their own students.

Now let me be straight with you – I am very grateful for my yoga lineage and the various teacher trainings that do bring "yoga to the masses". But in so doing, you and I may NOT be getting the full benefit of years of refined experience and wisdom.

It all comes down to this: How are YOU going to get the depth in the poses, the coaching, the adjustments, the changes in your practice you might need to make just to avoid injury.

How will you uncover the understanding you deserve on YOUR journey – when the information simply isn't readily available?

(Don't believe me? Take a look at the posts and answers on the Hot Yoga Doctor forum. Folks are desperate and thirsty for quality help!)

I did teacher training with Bikram last year and I teach Bikram yoga* here in Ibiza on this magnificent island.

Thank you very much for your hotyogadoctor site, which has helped me enormously as a teacher.

I go there often to read all the posts and look for the answers to my questions. So thank you and as a teacher I read the shock report.

I agree with a lot of the things you said.

I love your work.

Thanks Sebastien - Bikram Yoga Teacher

*Bikram Yoga® referred to by many students and teachers on this page is a registered trademark of Bikram Choudhury.


Now anyone who knows me well, would realize that at this point, I was feeling a great injustice!

I wanted more, dammit!

I Went On A Mission!

I set out to learn. To research.

To put world class teaching techniques into place so that MY students could have the best exposure to everything they could want to improve their own hot yoga practice.

It took years to put all this together – firstly in my own practice, and then as a teacher and studio owner. I happily shared whatever I put into practice with many of my own teachers – and learned things in return from those that also had a passion to give the best they could.

I've witnessed students totally liberated and jumping for joy when they "get it" – and all we did was offer a minor shift in an approach that "should" be obvious.

Most importantly for you, over the last 9 years or so, I've developed a substantial amount of knowledge and practical techniques that I am passionate about sharing.

So a little over 2 years ago, I asked visitors at our website – already popular for its huge amount of information – what they were really looking for.

I was completely shocked at the response!

Are YOU Searching For This Too?

They were looking for exactly what I was looking for back in 1999 – a definitive instructional guide with precision step-by-step techniques and instructions for how THEY could dramatically improve.

What more motivation did I need? ;)

I Ended Up Sharing
ALL My Best Work!

What I thought would initially be a step-by-step guide, has evolved over the last 18 months of pouring my heart, soul and sweat into what is now "The Hot Yoga MasterClass™", a 304-page Manual and 2 x DVD Set*.

hot yoga dvd and manual masterclass

So now, if:

  • You want to transform your own practice
  • You want to learn in a few weeks what it took me years to discover
  • You want to breakthrough "plateaus" in your poses
  • You want to uncover EXACTLY what needs to improve in your pose alignment
  • You want to reduce the risk of injury
  • You want to accommodate existing injuries – and still practice safely
  • You want to safely and effectively modify a pose to suit YOUR body type
  • You want to learn which parts of a pose to focus on ... and why
  • You want to learn how to focus, remove distractions and gain a deeper satisfaction from your class
  • You want to know how to advance in your own practice and "where to go next" – even if your teacher isn't aware or sufficiently experienced
  • You want to know how to continue practicing even if you encounter overly dogmatic - or worse – aggressive teachers (yes, can you believe it? They DO exist!)
  • You want to set up a home practice – including how to set up and heat your room
  • You want to make this amazing yoga be the life-changing practice it can be (and if you already think it's life changing ... well I agree with you! Imagine how much MORE of a difference you can make when you "discover what you didn't know"!)

* DVDs have over 9 hours of class variety, including Double Set, Single Set and a Full 90-Minute Hot Yoga Class.

Then you'll LOVE The Hot Yoga MasterClass™!

Here are just a FEW of the things you'll learn ...

  1. Discover the critical correction that you can make to transform Triangle pose from having you feel like you are falling over, to a pose that makes you feel STRONG and INVINCIBLE every single time.
  2. Find out the simple change in the way you think about Eagle pose that will get you rock solid alignment every time, regardless of whether you have a good 'wrap' .
  3. Understand where your extended arm should be placed in Standing Bow and how it has a profound effect on your backbend. Hint: It is not where you think.
  4. How to work out YOUR key foot distance in Standing Separate Leg Intense Stretch that minimizes any risk of back injury ... without inadvertently reversing your benefits.
  5. Learn the 3 different ways to get into Toe Stand final position, depending on your body geometry.
  6. Learn the 1 shoulder adjustment that will dramatically shift your floor Savasana to create the cleansing, calming, healing space it should be.
  7. How to transform your sit-up into a back-strength and core-strength exercise.
  8. Discover 2 alternatives to a sit-up when you are too tired, your back is too sore, too weak or your body is injured.
  9. Learn the key shoulder and arm position that hugely improves your ability to perform the double leg lift in Locust.
  10. Melt the confusion away to work out ALL the differences between Head to Knee and Intense Stretch in a way that makes complete sense - and helps you easily make your own micro-adjustments.
  11. How to transform the entry to specific poses if you ever have an acute backache, that will still allow you to get the benefits and participate in class, while healing your back.
  12. Discover how to make fast progress in Triangle even when you have been previously unable to open your hips because it felt unstable or dangerous.
  13. Learn how to just about guarantee excellent alignment in Separate Leg Head to Knee by preserving the technique but changing your approach.
  14. Banish the unnecessary movements in your class that have somehow slipped into most people's practices over the years. Get rid of them forever and create a better, stronger, more focused hot yoga practice .
Olivia Williams

Gabrielle Raiz teaches yoga with the detail and insight you really need to transform yourself and your practice.

Using this beautiful book, you will be able to overcome physical and mental limitations you thought were permanent, and move to a new level of practice that is difficult to achieve just through attending class or practising alone.

I use tips and adjustments that Gabrielle taught me every day of my life, and her book is an inspiration, thank you.

- Olivia Williams, Actor


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!

I just received my MasterClass package and have spent the past 3 hours pouring over the material.

Gabrielle, you have covered every possible question that could ever be asked. The pictures are beautiful and very self-explanatory. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and these pictures are worth a million.

I haven't watched the DVDs yet, but I'm sure they'll live up to my expectations.

If anyone has a hesitation about buying MasterClass, don't even think twice. This the manual that Bikram forgot. So many light bulbs went off in my head about certain postures. I can't wait to go to class to implement the variations.

No, I am not on Gabrielle's payroll, LOL. I have nothing to gain from this except a better yoga practice.

Keep up the great work Gabrielle (and Robert). The MasterClass is masterful!



Hi Gabrielle!

My package got here yesterday!!! I have just posted the following message about it on the Video Fitness Forum ... I think it will tell you how I feel.

Thought you'd like to know that I ordered the Masterclass Book & DVDs kit on Monday (11.3.08), and it got here yesterday - Thursday! I thought it was going to ship from Australia, and was prepared to wait a week or two for it to arrive, so imagine my surprise when it showed up 3 days later! It was sent
Priority Mail from an address in Illinois!

It's my Christmas present, but I couldn't wait, and opened it the minute it got here! I can't even begin to tell you how beautiful the manual is. It surpasses everything I was expecting and hoping for, and I'm thrilled with it! It's truly a work of art, with gorgeous full-color photography throughout.
The amount of information it contains is immense! It's really something that can't be described - you have to see it for yourself. And honestly, I've never seen anything like it.

There is so much information, it will take me a very long time to digest it all! It's something I'll be immersing myself in every day for years to come! Really - it covers countless yoga-related topics, and answers questions you'd never even think to

I'm totally amazed.


[Click here to read another 22 testimonials]

So What Exactly IS
The Hot Yoga MasterClass™?

Imagine a coffee-table-quality, atlas-sized manual (I'll tell you exactly what is in the DVDs a little later) filled with 744 large, high quality photos and plain-english explanations for every step – INCLUDING common mistakes and how to fix them – and you're starting to get a sense of what I've put together for you.

Here's what's in it:

The Hot Yoga MasterClass™ is a 304-page high-quality hot yoga reference manual.

Hot Yoga Manual

  • A 54 page introductory section covers "everything you need to know" (and this is not just for beginners – I've had advanced students look at the material and uncover a ton of new things to try!)
  • The introductory section also includes a full chapter on the most common injuries and conditions - and the general modifications required. Where this is specific to only one or two poses, it is cross-referenced  and shown in detail in the specific pose chapter.
  • Then, chapter-by-chapter I take apart each and every pose, using the following format:
    • The Essentials
    • What Makes This Pose So Difficult To Get Right?
    • The Technique
    • Common Mistakes And How To Fix Them

I'll expand on these various sections in a moment ... but first I need to tell you about the most amazing thing ... the photos and why they will really make the difference.

Every Precise Detail
Is Meticulously Demonstrated
With Full Color
Hi-Definition Photography

There are over 740 professionally photographed pictures in the manual (744 to be exact). I spent literally weeks and weeks sifting through the MANY THOUSANDS of shots we took over many days, to find EVERY ANGLE that would make the difference in showing you the exact technique.

I've included ALL the subtleties and nuances I've learned and taught over the years, some of which are not so easy to photograph! We had to use a trick set-up with 3-cameras and a fourth roving camera to catch every aspect of every pose as we photographed our models (real students just like you and I) demonstrating them.

ALL "technique" shots are LARGE PHOTOS - this makes it very easy to see the incredible detail.

The technique photos are deliberately larger to make it very easy to stand up, try them out and see them from a distance.

The "models" are regular yoga students, just like you and I. Normal bodies. Some flexible, others less so. (Of course I think they do look gorgeous in their outfits too ...).

Mistakes discussed are also shown photographically. Sometimes we had to stop because we were laughing so much trying to do something "deliberately wrong" – but the result was worth the effort.

You'll see EXACTLY what not to do – but more importantly you'll also see HOW TO CORRECT IT.

Each pose chapter is "color-coded" – so it is easy to reference quickly. Even the clothing is color-coded for consistency.

The manual is constructed from high-quality paper (you can't see through it). It is designed to be a lasting practical tool which will still look great on your coffee table in years to come.

It is "spiral bound" so that it will lay flat perfectly. This is SO important when you come to use it for practicing. Who likes to "break the spine" of a beautiful book in order to use it? Not me!

[Click Here To See The Special Package Deals]

Each Pose Chapter Is Divided
Into Easy To Follow Sections

So let me explain the sections in more detail – one of which I think is the absolute key.

"The Essentials"

An overview of the main elements of the posture, The "Essentials" helps you get clearly focused on the main pose objectives.

"What Makes This Pose
So Difficult To Get Right?"

Funnily enough, it isn't always the obvious challenge in certain poses that makes them tricky to get "just right ". I've singled out what I've found to be the real key (or keys in many cases) to making the pose work effectively, no matter what depth you practice to.

"The Technique"

This is where the rubber meets the road – this section literally takes you step-by-step through the pose:

  • How To Set Up
  • How To Get Into The Pose
  • What You Should Be Experiencing
  • How To Get Out Of The Pose
  • ... and more!

There is really too much to list here, but I also reference the best breathing rhythm for the pose and various other tips and techniques to guide you through the posture.

Each and every step is accompanied by photographs demonstrating that exact step.

It is also color-coded so the steps stand-out on the page - this makes it super-easy to follow each step as you are practicing the pose.

Where there are variations between "sets", or there is a "deeper version" these are included here.

To My Knowledge, The Information
In This Section Of The Manual Is
Not Available Anywhere Else:

"Common Mistakes
And How To Fix Them"

I believe this is totally unique! I have never seen a yoga book – let alone a hot yoga manual – where so much detailed effort has been put into showing photos of REAL PEOPLE doing the poses WRONG ... along with text and photos of HOW TO FIX THEM.

I have put every ounce of my years of discovery into this section – every pose chapter includes this, including Savasana –  so if there's a common mistake you've come across and have been wondering how to fix it, you'll most likely find it in this section!

Where possible, I've placed the mistake and the "correct alignment" together, with a checkmark (tick) on the correct pose so it's easy to find.

ALL mistake photos are bordered so they are clearly differentiated from the much larger "technique" photos.

You'll always be clear which is which!

Also in the "common mistakes" section are some "gray areas". Not everyone's body can do every pose in the way it is intended, so there ARE exceptions where a modification can "look" like a mistake, when it isn't. Where this is the case, I spell out acceptable modifications, along with photos labeled with an asterisk (*).

common mistakes

Large, Easy To Read Format

The Hot Yoga MasterClass™ is deliberately large (like I say, think "atlas dimensions").

This is so you can extract maximum detail from each high-definition picture. We used a three camera setup during the photo-shoots so that side, front and overhead photos could be taken while the student was in the pose. We also used a roving camera for super-duper detailed close-ups and funky angles.

I designed the manual in a large format so you can gain maximum benefit from all these amazing photos!

hot yoga masterclass

The Hot Yoga MasterClass™ DVDs

Yes ... it's true, you can't learn everything from a book!

Sometimes, to obtain the maximum benefits, you need to hear the instructions AND see the image at the same time.

So I've made not one, but TWO very unique DVDs.

yoga dvd

What Makes Them Unique?

Because they use the live soundtrack from my classes! You'll hear me instructing the very details explained in the manual – and you'll also hear this in a live environment with real students (I even mention them by name during the class!).

(Click "Play" below to watch snippets from DVD Vol I & DVD Vol II)

If the player is not showing, please contact us at help AT hotyogadoctor.com.

If the player is not showing, please contact us at help AT hotyogadoctor.com.


I deliberately did NOT video-tape a live class, because, in my opinion, this makes it difficult, if not impossible to show ALL angles, and every correction visually.

Quite uniquely, I have gone a few steps further and put crystal-clear detailed and precise photographic demonstrations at each exact point on the DVD where the audio track mentions them (watch the snippets above and you'll see what I mean).

DVD Benefits

  • You can play the DVD as a stand-alone class. Or you can use it as a reference that you will come back to time and time again.
  • Bullet point text appears at key moments to reinforce your quick understanding.
  • "Right" and "wrong" pose alignments are shown with green checks (ticks) and red crosses – no mistaking which is which.
  • The background is pure white. No unnecessary distractions.
  • I also had Volume One made so you can navigate directly to ANY POSE you wish to see specifically! (Just like a "scene selection" in a movie.)
  • Even more exciting is that both DVDs contain class variations!

Running out of time? Wish you had a 40-min class? Simply use the DVD menu, press "play" ... and you're good to go!

What Is The Difference
Between The Two DVDs?

You are probably aware that in the hot yoga community, many poses are practiced twice in quick succession. But when I travel I love to practice a "one-set-no-savasana" class which takes about 35-40 mins. It feels great and I keep my commitment to my personal practice!

So Volume One has a variety of classes constructed from the "traditional" or more common "double-set" poses.

And Volume Two is only constructed from single "sets".

Here's EXACTLY What's In The DVDs:

Volume One

  • A 35-minute class
  • dvd volume 1
  • A 60-minute class
  • A 75-minute class
  • A 90-minute class
  • An all standing poses "class" (double set)
  • An all floor poses "class" (double set)
  • Pose-by-pose menu selection

Total "running time" (all class variations): 5 hrs 50mins

Volume Two

  • Warm–up with standing poses, 20 minute class
  • dvd volume 2
  • The 25 minute Pick-Me-Up class, moderate intensity
  • The 35 minute class, moderate intensity
  • The 50 minute strong class
  • The Standing pose class (single set)
  • The Floor pose class (single set)

Total "running time" (all class variations): 4 hrs 05mins

As you can see, the DVDs are quite different.

* DVDs are REGION FREE, professionally pressed & printed (not burned) and will play on any DVD Player and on both NTSC and PAL systems.

So ... How Can You
Lay Your Hands On This Material?

And I'm sure you're also thinking ... "how much is this all going to cost?".

To be honest, I've had marketing experts who have seen the Hot Yoga MasterClass™ manual tell me that up to $300 is not unreasonable for such detailed and highly photographic material of a limited nature. I guess they must be thinking about the text-books they had to purchase at Harvard!

No ... it's way less than that!

My aim is to keep the manual down to about the price of a typical monthly pass or around 15 classes (class prices vary enormously by the way!).

This Is Valuable,

You can do the sums for yourself: You could go to class 5 times per week for up to a year. In that time, you would literally spend well over $1,000 on monthly passes but STILL not make the kind of IMMEDIATE improvements that other owners of The Hot Yoga MasterClass™ are raving about.

100% Guaranteed!

I am so certain that you will love this package that I've gone crazy and given you an iron-clad guarantee!

I guarantee that if The Hot Yoga MasterClass™ does NOT improve your practice way more than 15 classes ever could, then I'll give you a full refund! (not including shipping)

arrow For A *Very* Limited Time Only arrow

I know from the feedback already given to me by many happy students that it is the COMBINATION of the Manual and DVDs that ACCELERATES your breakthroughs - and your enjoyment of all the wonderful benefits.

So I'm going to go out on a limb and make you a special offer if you order today:

hot yoga masterclass free videos

hot yoga dvd and manual masterclass

Yes Please! I'd Like The Manual,
Both DVDs FREE And The Limited
Edition Poster FREE For: $199.00*

(*Be quick. Only while stocks last.)

I purchased the whole set...2 DVD's and the manual. WOW; 5 STARS! I go to classes regularly, and the Hot Yoga manual helps me so much.

It has put me up a level in my practice. Studying the manual and also practicing with the CD's has brought an awareness to my practice that I didn't understand as thoroughly in my classes.

One reason is that my classes are confined to a time limit; when I practice at home, I can study one asana with the manual and have the time to discover and go deeper.

I treasure this set. I live in the U.S. (Cleveland, Ohio), but one day I'll go and seek out Gabrielle in person. That would be awesome!

Laura S.

Remember You have My

100% Guaranteed!

I am so certain that you will love this package that I've gone crazy and given you an iron-clad guarantee!

I guarantee that if The Hot Yoga MasterClass™ does NOT improve your practice way more than 15 classes ever could, then I'll give you a full refund! (not including shipping)


Pose Poster 1
Pose Poster 2

This BEAUTIFUL LIMITED EDITION 2-piece Yoga Pose Poster has the same poses that you will see in your new Hot Yoga MasterClass™ manual and DVDs. But more than that you can also use this poster in the studio, or take it with you when traveling if you want to practice a few poses!

It is plastic coated, sweat and waterproof and in 2 convenient US letter-sized halves that will slip into most bags. Pack it flat (no need for rolling) lay it down on the floor, or post them up on the wall for inspiration.


"Yes! I Understand I Will Receive
2 x DVDs And The Poster FREE
So Please Send Me EVERYTHING
For Just $199.00!"


Here's what Thomas, Diane and Lennie - all long-time students - said:

"I was introduced to Bikram yoga during college back in 1980 when he released his orange book (no longer published, I believe). "


"The instruction in this book excelled my practice beyond my expectations. The breakdown and explanation of poses far surpasses Bikram's books."

"This book has made my practice 100% better, more enjoyable and much more beneficial. I have corrected a number of things I was doing wrong! It is worth every penny!"


"I have been practing bikram yoga a little over 2 years. I love hot yoga. I was not making progress with my pratice. I spoke with the teachers they were very nice but not a lot of help."


"I finally feel I am making real progress. The detailed breakdown of the postures helps so much. In one of the postures I had not understood at all what I needed to be doing. Therefore, I never felt anything. Now that I am doing it correctly I do feel it."


"A problem that I could not seem to fix for 7 months (even with private lessons) was resolved when I read page 45."


By my calculations, you'd actually save money - less classes needed to "learn" - more classes getting the REAL benefits you are going for!

No more class after class wondering if you "got something right".

No more trying to get hold of a busy teacher to discuss "something that doesn't feel quite right" or a pose you "just don't get".

And no need to spend tons of money on private lessons (typically anywhere from $100 to $225 per lesson) - because ALL you need is in The Hot Yoga MasterClass™.

Yes Please! Give Me My Package Deal Now!

More From Hot Yoga MasterClass Customers:


I just received my Master Class order. I wanted to tell you that I am more than impressed!! I have been teaching Bikram yoga for 5 years. The Master Class will be a great resource.

I do value the Bikram training, I learned a lot about myself, but I have learned to teach from teaching.

The strict dialogue used in most classes doesn’t touch on all of the important information that you have included in your book. I can’t wait to immerse myself in the Master Class. The book is beautiful as well as informative. I’m also excited to take the classes on the DVDs, I am in the process of building my home studio.

Thank you!!




the Hot Yoga Master Class has arrived.

I am very impressed!

I had seen the dvd 'samples' so pretty much already had an idea they were great. But the book was even better than expected, and so very beautiful.

Thank you again :)

Better log off and grab "a book".......

:) :) :) Kathrine


Hi Gabrielle and Robert,

I just wanted to say thank you to both of you for all the work you have put into the Hot Yoga MasterClass manual and the DVD's. I love them. I have also received my Gift Cert's for Lorna Jane that I will put to good use thank you so much....

I was hoping by getting your package it would kick start my yoga, I will let you know what happens as the closest Bikram studio is 2hrs from my home. I suffer from [edited for privacy] and my bad days can turn into bad weeks so it can be very hard to otivate myself at home. I now have so much of your work to read and watch that I'm sure this will help me to get motivated.

Thanks again for all your beautiful work and information on Hot Yoga.



Thanks Gabrielle

I have been reading your articles here and there and it is refreshing to see that a bikram yoga instructor has a greater understanding (and not reciting info) of the human body and the asanas. I think with your experience and expertise a course would benefit loads of instructors who crave a deeper understanding of the yoga!

All the best, and look forward to purchasing the dvd's and manuals.


[Note: Caroline subsequently purchased - we look forward to hearing from her!]

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From other teachers:

Message:thanks gabrielle, I will use your advice when I practice later this afternoon, and will get back you.

Susan - Bikram Yoga Teacher


hi gabrielle, i took your advice and tried flattening out my shoulders, and managed to get more of my upper body to press into the floor. it made a HUGE difference. doing the posture this way, i realized how weak my forearms are, and how much they are needed to delve deeper into this pose.

I have recently been diagnosed with having slight carpal tunnel in my left hand, which explains why my fingers are so stiff and tight. and now, after doing this posture using your instructions, i realize that not only are my fingers weak and inflexible, but so are my wrists and forearms. i have a lot of work to do, but i am so happy I was finally able to pinpoint my weaknesses so i can heal my body. thank you sooooo much.

thank you for all that you do,

Susan - Bikram Yoga Teacher


thanks gabrielle, you always know how to explain everything so well. your response helps a lot. thanks for all that you do,

Susan - Bikram Yoga Teacher


Message: thanks for your reply. I lead bikram yoga classes and have been taught to instruct students to make sure their standing leg is fully 'locked". many however are pushing ahead probably due to lack of patience and humility... and wanting to explore the fuller expression of the pose. the reason i asked the question is so that i can give the a better reason, more information on why not to go ahead when they are not yet ready.

maupski - Bikram Yoga Teacher

Yes Please! Give Me My Package Deal Now!

Gabrielle, I am very impressed with your book. I have always strived to be a real teacher and student. You are a brave light for so many. thanks

With Respect,

Darlene - Bikram Yoga Teacher



Hi Gabrielle! This is Mammaren from the forum. Thank you so much for all the time and energy you give to the forum. I am really enjoying it.


Karen W

(Congratulations to Karen who is now at Teacher Training)


Wow! I did it, exactly as you said:placed my palms down beside my body. Big difference! Now I do not feel like I am cheating anymore… Thanks! Ela Thank you for the thorough explanation and demonstration! I tried it and can feel how correct you are.

I am certified to teach by Bikram (Fall 2003) and had never heard of this technique or controversy but I had seen some practice it. I will now have my "elbows in my back pockets" too.

Much appreciation, Tina Marie - Bikram Yoga Teacher

From our loyal community:

Dear Gabrielle,

I have just joined your forum and have really enjoyed reviewing the posts. I originally got here searching for information on Dandayamana Bibhaktapada Paschimottanasana and then just spent several hours reading other posts. Like the user who had terrible tightness, I have suffered similarly so the advice was invaluable and I can't wait to try it myself.

I have a question - let me know if I should just post to the forum. I go to a reasonable studio (in PA, USA) but often the detailed advice is missing or does not seem to be of the quality that you provide.

Regards Michelle B


Hi Gabrielle - You should know that my practice has improved just reading some of your guidance in the forum. For example, standing separate leg is so much more doable when I start with my legs closer together. One of my teachers has been raving about my progress - it's a bit annoying but I'll take the compliment ;-)

I've only had a chance to skim the guide you sent out but I'm sure it's excellent. There's a void that needs to be filled and you are the perfect person to do that for folks like me who love the series but not the contradictions. My studio has some wonderful and compassionate teachers but I've experienced many of the things you discuss over time. Also, I watched your video on rolling the arms back. I can't wait to try it in class!

I just remembered a question for you - I'm going to post it in the forum for half moon pose. Bikram thought it was a 'stupid' question :-)

Cheers- Michelle B


Hello Gabrielle- I'm on your mailing list and absolutely love getting your emails...they are so very informative. I practice Bikram in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA and am developing a website for the director of my studio.

Might I be able to link to some of your sources from our site? I think our students would appreciate the info. on weight loss and back health.

Cynthia P

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Every article, every link and every suggestion has been greatly appreciated. Your insights have helped tremendously. Keep up the great work!

Aloha, Marshall


Hi Gabrielle,

I simply adore your site and have recommended it to many other yogis – many of them have thanked me later and said it has helped their poses no end! Your energy and positivity really comes through and helps to keep me inspired.

Thanks so much

Emily M


That report was great! It was a great combination of inspiration and a nice sales pitch.

I totally agree with the writing about pain. As a professional athlete I burned out myself and then learned ayurvedic techniques and the principle of "No pain, most gain".

I can understand that very unfit and stiff first time yogis and yoginis experience pain just by moving, but then it is important to know what pain is and how to relate to it. The report made me so inspired I can't wait for my next yoga session, that will be painless...

Can't wait for the Hot Yoga MasterClass!

Stefan A


I agree with you that without the references to the book, the report would still have great value...it's important information. It was a very brave thing to do!!! The commitment that both you and Gabrielle have for this site is commendable and very much valued. Thanks for everything you are doing!

Regards, Chris


I agree with your shock report. I am so grateful to bikram for pushing hot yoga. Without his missionary approach, it would not be so widespread. Your comments on poses align very well with what bikram writes in his book. His mantra simply does not capture all and it is indeed too bad that some or even quite a few of the teachers that go through his training never go beyond this mantra. To me this shows really a lack of understanding. As a university maths professor I know this is true in the world of mathematics too, where teachers simply copy verbatim proofs and approaches given by the masters without their own input. It shows they are not at the right level.

To be a good teacher in yoga, a lot more is required! Nevertheless, even these teachers contribute because they allow more people to be exposed to this wonderful, shall we say lifestyle.

BTW I just started hot yoga in July and am completely devoted now. It is helping transform my life. Not just because my body feels better every week, but also because of the mental peace it provides.

Thanks, Gabrielle!


Yes Please! Give Me My Package Deal Now!

I am really looking forward to reading this and watching the videos! I have been practicing for about 5 months now 4-5 days a week and have found amazing things happening to my body, but do have some of the issues discussed in your report. I am like a sponge right now in my quest for more knowledge on how this yoga can continue to strengthen my body and heal my many spinal issues. I can't wait for this publication! So excited!

Thank you!



Hi Gabrielle,

I will be incorporating this into not only my practice but my everyday life. I thought my posture was pretty good, and it is, but I can definitely see how this can improve on what I have started. My Bikram class, I think, is a pretty good one, but I had never heard of this. They will see it in me at my next class.

Keep the great instruction coming. This was great.



Posted by: lee (Email)

Cocoa, FL

I tried it during practice today and was AMAZED at the results. SO much air and energy, I felt like I was about to pass out after Standing Bow, not from fatigue but from the huge increase in energy. It was also a big help in every savasana throughout the floor series.

Thank you!


Gabrielle, Your advice and guidance is very much appreciated.

Only one word can express my appreciation: Love

Phillip R


alex ( Email)

[I] admire you for the courage, determination and intelligence. I practice vigorously and i love it


Gabrielle, I stumbled upon your blog using "STUMBLE." Imagine that!? Virtually all of the yoga websites and blogs bore me to tears, but I really love your videos!

Truly, and you are such an amazing, beautiful and inspirational woman. ... You are captivating and fun to watch with such ease in front of the camera (not to mention photogenic) and you excel at explaining how the body works and how to make small changes to achieve big results. Thanks!

If you ever make it to Laguna Beach, California, USA, I hope to see you.

Glenda C


Gabrielle- Keep the videos coming! I'm eating them up!!!

Glenda C

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Dear Gabrielle,

Just wanted to validate you presenting us with the video of the poses. They are fantastic and beautifully photographed. Thank you very much for doing that.




Hi Gabrielle - I love receiving your emails.


regards Caroline


Thank you Gabrielle Thanks for all you do. I have recommended your site to many or my yogini friends. Many of us check in on you every day! ? No need to respond to this … I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the good work you are doing.

And I should say that at our studio here in Richmond we have wonderful teachers who constantly remind us that it’s “yoga practice, not yoga perfect”; we are on a journey and no day is the same as any other for our bodies. They are patient teacher who always put us first.

I think what you are doing is awesome

Namaste, Gabrielle



its much like how Gabrielle writes on here, detailed and clear... its VERY helpful. I am going to take Gabrielles advice and ditch the scales

thanks again for all the advice and support It really really DOES make a difference!!




Dear Gabrielle, let me first of all thank you for the many splendid yoga tips and pointers that you have selflessly sent my way. It is always a delight when I delve into my inbox and find one of your e mails which never fails to illuminate with a sagacity that is sadly absent from many other practitioners.

I am currently on the sidelines for six weeks due to a chronic muscle strain in my thigh. I intend to use this time positively by working on my weakest link, breathing. I have always had poor breath and even my yoga practice has done little to improve it. Without the breath working in tandem with the poses I am missing out on so much.

I was looking through some of you previous e mails and was again reminded of my deficiency after reading your article on breathing. Do you have any pointers regarding breath, or specific techniques that can be practiced without poses. As my breathing is so poor I've found it hard to follow traditional yoga text and to incorporate the various mechanisms that are called upon.

If you could direct me towards anything which may be helpful then I would be eternally grateful. I congratulate you on the wonderful work that you do and I wish you health and happiness for the future.

Kind regards,



Like lighting she gets back to me....knew I should have emailed you earlier..............Thanks Gabrielle.

Your support is just one of those wonderful bonuses that come along every so often. Your knowledge is the real clincher for me in all this - I've spent alot of time reading through all the priceless info on your site(s) this last week - and feel trully inspired to keep the momentum in my return to yoga.

Take care with you

Peta E


Hello Gabrielle, I'm so enjoying practice and this 'hunger' for knowledge just keeps growing! I really appreciate your insights and positive energy! I didn't know you were a dentist until reading the message below. Knowing this comforts me! I hope you don't mind that I'm going to ask a dental related question.... Any words of wisdom and encouragement would be appreciated!

Thank you,



Yes Please! Give Me My Package Deal Now!

Hi Gabrielle, Thanks for the super-speedy response! Your commitment to providing such great advice is really amazing - I knew I could come straight here with my dilemma! Thank you for your insight and great energy. I would love to be in the ‘Super Secret Club’ - let me know what I have to do for this.

Thanks again, Emily M


Namaste Gabrielle,

It is a beautiful note you send. And yes, while Bikram Yoga can appear (and in some studios does so) to be far from the inner practice of other styles, it has its place.

As a certified teacher (Raja Yoga) it is important for me to study and understand other paths that students may wish to pursue. I am thankful for your site and your input for now, and can aspire.

In gratitude, Namaskara, Mary-Margaret



My right medial deltoid and serratus anterior still have no innervation but most of the pain has gone away.

My right scapula sticks (wings) out to the side in half moon pose so I really concentrate on trying to keep my shoulders from creeping up to my ears as I believe you mentioned last year.

It kinda bothers me so now instead of being up front or around by favorite spots in the second row I stay at the back of the class partly so the teachers can't tell I'm trying to keep my shoulders down.

It's also extremely difficult to keep my right arm up parallel to the floor in awkward pose so I sometimes rest it for a few seconds on top of my left arm; again if I'm at the back of the room it won't be noticed as much.

You'd think the teachers would get it but only one does. However, I'm still able to go to class and focus in on the sequence and I really believe I must be reaching some stage (or state) of meditation.

Before I know it, it's time for camel and the class is almost over and I'm wondering where the time went. I know, (and can remember) exactly what happened with each pose but in a way it's almost as though time stood still.

So my injuries don't bother me really and I still get the full experience of the sequence. I still see people come and go and some stay and there are some who have been around for quite a few years, so all in all things are still great.

I believe I now have some of the really long term benefits as far as head space and physical strength and flexibility and the other body systems, especially the digestive system. It's honestly amazing at times.

For example, here in the winter when you come in or leave someone's house and lot's of people are coming and going, being able to do Standing Head to Knee prevents you from always getting your socks wet. With the snow it's hard to keep the entryway always dry.

Doesn't sound like much, but it is.

It is extremely easy to do things like grabbing something that fell to the bottom of the dishwasher, reaching under tables or desks, cleaning behind the toilet and sinks, shoveling snow (this an important one because we have 7 foot snowbanks on either side of the laneway) and just feeling very light when walking.

Gee, I guess I've used my reply to you as a good assessment for myself and to reinvigorate my practice. Again, thanks to both of you and congratulations on your site and forum.

Steve M


Lyra (Email)

Hi Gabrielle, You are so nice! Thank you for the advice. I will definitely try it again tomorrow. I really appreciate you writing me a personal e-mail about my hamstring question. I am getting the impression that you are a fantastic teacher and I wish you could be here in Brooklyn to teach my class. :) Again, thank you and I will definitely e-mail you once I tried it again.


Lyra P G says, "Hi Gabby, I love your Hot Yoga Forum. I think it's an awesome site. :).".


Thank you so much for this, Gabrielle! Although I love the studio where I practice, we have one instructor, in particular, who really seems to want to pump up the heat. (She prided herself in telling us one time that the temp had reached 107 degrees.)

Our summers are quite humid and the combination of excessive heat and humidity can be troubling. I seem to do okay but there are many who are really experiencing some serious difficulty.

I'm going to pass along your forum discussion about the heat and Lesley Funk's piece on the physiological changes associated with excessive heat.

Very informative, very helpful.

Thank you so much!


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So the more I lift my chest and try to create a slight backward bend in the upper spine, the angle of my arms and the position of my palms shift? Fantastic explanation! Now it makes sense to me! I can't wait to try it out in class tomorrow.

Thanks so much.



Thank you, Gabrielle! I will definitely try this tomorrow. And thank you for breaking it down. It makes it easier to visualize what to do.



Gabrielle, You are THE best! I am really impress with your writing ability, how clear you are. Thank you very much. You are a big help and very patient person. You will deal with my questions ...probably forever…

very good advice.



wow, all this time when i heard lock the knee i was doing just that, and caused me some problems, now raise the kneecap makes more sense and is a good way to put it, thanks Gabrielle for the clarification, now it all makes sense to me,

thanks again, hennafire

And thank you for all your hard work for the Bikram yoga community worldwide….you do a fantastic job.

P.S. I really enjoyed seeing your little videos, it’s much more fun to have a voice and a face to picture you with. I now have my elbows in my back pockets whenever we are standing between postures.



I love this scientific and logical approach. I am taking a print and starting to practice from today. With best regards



Just started to pratice Bikram 2 months now and I LOVE it!!!! Your web site is an inspiration!

Yes Please! Give Me My Package Deal Now!

Barbara (Email)

You're so fun! It's nice to put a face with all the informative e-content I've collected from you! Namaste from the Twin Cities, MN, USA.


Yoga20082008 Title: surgery - when to restart classes?

Message:Thank you Gabrielle. You give such awesome, sound advice. You've given me hope for getting back into the studio.


Thank you so much for your, as always, detailed response. I will definitely reread the article you mentioned. Should I still be focusing on getting my forehead to the floor, or is that not so important ? I don’t know how you find the time or energy to deal with all these questions, but I am so grateful & appreciative that you do


Thanks Gabrielle, I've downloaded the book and it looks great!



Hello Gabrielle,

My sincere thanks for your keeping me on your list...

Warmest regards,



I am so grateful to be part of this community and feel the support!! SO need it right now Thanks for this wonderful site!

Posted by MegaNewbie


Thanks Gabrielle for a fantastic site. I love coming & reading this forum… Thanks for any ideas. Thanks for your response Robert. Love this site & really appreciate all the work you & Gabrielle put into it.



Yes Please! Give Me My Package Deal Now!

Thanks very much for your response, Gabrielle. I really appreciate your advice and encouragement. It is so great to have this forum as a place for open discussion and support.

Stay bendy




Hi Gabrielle/Robert I really appreciate your hot yoga website – you must put a lot of effort into it and it is excellent !

Robert F


Love your forwards, links and all your help!

Many thanks and namaste,



Hello, First off I love what you guys do with the hot yoga, keeps me inspired as I'm sure it does many others.

Thank you

Joe T



This is sooooo helpful!

Thank you!


Gabrielle, thank you for all the wonderful products and info you send out to all yogis. ... I value your opinion.

Thanks Bebe


I love your site!!!

This guide is amazing!

Thank you again

Fiona B


Hey G i love your work. thank you so much for your contribution. My question is how do we get the dialogue that goes with the Bikram flow, so that we are saying it correct?



Hi Gabrielle, I love your emails, love your website and love what you are doing. If you ever put out a hot yoga dvd I will first customer as I have searched the world for one and no luck! Thanks again Gabrielle, you are an inspiring person,


Sandy M

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Gabrielle, thank you so so much. I do Bikram in Maryland, USA, it is so cool to be getting advice from a teacher in Australia!! Thank you for your generosity.

Best wishes Claire


Hi Gabrielle, Thanks for your emails - they are always enlightening.

Kind Regards

Carly S



Thanks so much for the sending the bikram guide. I have been enjoying all of your emails and appreciate you sending them. Take care.

Lee Anne



Thanks for what you are doing!!! It blesses us. : )

Thank you so much Gabrielle.


Thank you for your feedback and guidance.

I am going to take Gabrielles advice and ditch the scales because I am back up the pounds it said I lost… urghh… but I think they are muscle because I notice a clear distinct difference in my jeans - and… I of hurt everywhere… a happy hurt though.

thanks again for all the advice and support It really really DOES make a difference!!

Namaste, Donna


Jacqueline (Email)

Hi Gabrielle,

Thank you for your amazing website it is a wealth of information.


Hi Gabrielle, The download all came through well. As for the level of my practice......I have jumped a few more notches into intense!! Having audio, or someone who knows how to teach others how to get the most out of poses, and your entire yoga experience is amazing. I knew it would be. I have been relying entirely on my own knowledge - which is advanced novice, in my mind - and your cd has worked wonders for me.

Just hearing the little things, like hip alignment and chin tucking - and even though not directed at me, encouraging words for a good pose!!

Thankyou. Peta E


Hi Gabrielle Thanks for all the great info you are putting out there. Also when will the Masterclass be available to buy? I can’t wait!



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It has put me up a level in my practice. Studying the manual and also practicing with the CD's has brought an awareness to my practice that I didn't understand as thoroughly in my classes.

One reason is that my classes are confined to a time limit; when I practice at home, I can study one asana with the manual and have the time to discover and go deeper.

I treasure this set. I live in the U.S. (Cleveland, Ohio), but one day I'll go and seek out Gabrielle in person. That would be awesome!

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